Zephyr Salz


Zephyr Salz is an artist born and raised in South Florida. His paintings mainly feature human faces or figures, focusing on facial and body expression. His compositions tend towards the monolithic, inviting the viewer to engage more intimately with a single figure at a time.

While he has some training in fine arts and graphic design from Florida International University (as well as a B.A. in English from the University of Central Florida), Zephyr considers himself more a student of life. Through his artwork, he aims to explore the human condition through various forms of perception.


Prints available online at Fine Art America and coming soon to Art Frenzie in Wilton Manors, FL.

Fluid Bodies

Zephyr’s latest series is an exploration of form and movement, depicting dancers through the lens of lava lamps.

Fluid Bodies 1 (2021)

36"×24"; oil on canvas

Kintsugi Heart

This painting series is inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi, which involves mending broken pottery with lacquer that has been mixed with precious metals, turning the former breaks into features of the piece.

In Zephyr’s figures, the metallic hearts and seams are meant to represent how we as people are broken, and how we mend ourselves. Simply put, the places where we have healed, in essence, can be some of our most beautiful parts.

Kintsugi 1 (2020)

24"×36"; oil on canvas

Kintsugi 2 (2020)

24"×36"; oil on canvas


The Faces series is a concentration on the nuances and ambiguity of facial expression. The large, tight compositions demand that the viewer look into the eyes of the painting before them and see what lies just beneath the surface.

Adrift (2018)

36"×24"; oil on canvas

Epiphany (2018)

36"×24"; acrylic on canvas

Joy (2018)

36"×48"; oil on canvas

Darkwater (2018)

36"×24"; oil on canvas

Gentle Men

The central theme of Gentle Men is the softer side of male sensuality. Vibrant colors wave and swirl across the canvas, breathing energy into the relaxed figures that lay before the viewer.

Himeros (2017)

24"×36"; acrylic on canvas

Nude in Blue (2018)

24"×18"; acrylic on canvas

Citrus 1 (2019)

24"×36"; oil on canvas

Citrus 2 (2019)

24"×36"; oil on canvas

Citrus 3 (2020)

24"×36"; oil on canvas

Nude in Aqua (2019)

18"×24"; oil on canvas

Nude in Pink Dusk (2020)

16"×20"; oil on canvas

Nude in Plumeria (2020)

24"×36"; oil on canvas

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